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When is 1.8 actually gonna be released?
We have been looking into clan plugins and think we have something that may work.
Will clans be on the new map?
If anybody plays Elder Scrolls Online send me a friend request and join our guild @hilliard20914
thats nice

1.8 Update

Hilliard20914 O posted Jan 31, 14
Since 1.8 is around the corner we will not be updating the map until minecraft updates. We have found out a problem with the map we started building, its mostly ocean. :( So keep playing on the current map until 1.8 and i promise we will have a new map with awesome features.

We will be starting today on the new spawn, any staff members that wish to help out send me a PM and ill whitelist you and give you the ip address.
Tflame57 M Yes, Staff only.
kevinlefort207 T Is only staff allowed to help build?
SPARTAN11945 Only staff members?
We have been working on the new map. Then there is was a problem with Hill's internet that prevent him from getting on and uploading that map. The new map will be up when we can get it up. remember to check the post on the rules for the bank system we set up. BlitzkriegBlues

Merry Christmas

Hilliard20914 O posted Dec 15, 13
If you use the coupon code Merry Christmas you get your entire cart free until December 31.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have added a 10 room Teamspeak server to the website for players to chat. Bottom right of your screen you will see a new icon if clicked it will open the Teamspeak Panel. Once connected to your Teamspeak account you will be able to chat easily with Friends.
nobby995 coolio
Hilliard20914 O Teamspeak is kind of like Skype minus the video calls. It allows our players to voice chat to each other without having ...
nobby995 so is it like a private chat bar


Hilliard20914 O posted Nov 30, 13
We have updated to a 1.7.2 build for Minecraft. This is a Dev Build so the new map will NOT be brought over onto it yet. Until bukkit had a Beta build we will continue to use the old Map.
jfox20878 Thanks Hill for the update
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