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Hillard, we don't want 1.8 we don't want 1.9 or 1.10 we just want the old 1.7 back... Keep it the same hill same map same plugins... That what made the game fun :) if you want to make it 1.8 just make sure it has the same plugins and map :)
Hillard did his job and we failed that chance. Let's show him we can do this! #Legendary!
If you guys want legendary back we have to help. I want you guys to type #Legendary in chat. Only once! And if Hillard every makes it up again he will have a date and I want everyone to spread the word and let's make legendary how it was again!
Hillard if you are still here and reading this type in shoutout
Anyone reading this?
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LegendaryMc Beta

Hilliard20914 O posted Sep 28, 15

We are back!

Please note; There may be some bugs, If you find any please message me so that i can fix them.

xXPuss_n_BootsXx Make the Kits Ever 3 Days not every 2 Hours Way to op
Death_Claw123 will getting our stuff from 1.6 come later?
Cheerie_Blossom T yay! legendary mc is back!

Important news!

Hilliard20914 O posted Dec 16, 14
Due to the fact that we are no longer receiving donations for the server and nobody is playing on the server anymore i am shutting LegendaryMc down for the time being.

When Sponge gets off the ground and has a stable build similar to bukkit we may reopen the server but for now its been nice playing with you and i hope you find a good server to replace us.
norgervik itt lehet skint váltani?
Death_Claw123 couldn't ya just do vanilla for now, we can just start doing plugins when bukkit is still off their butt

1.8 and Contest!!!

Hilliard20914 O posted Sep 7, 14
So i was exploring the seed that we are going to use for 1.8 and i ran across a beautiful sight, Mountains that scrape the clouds! I have uploaded pictures to the gallery if you would like to see them. Also we are holding a competition to see who can make the best banner to be the OFFICIAL BANNER of LegendaryMc. The winner of this contest will be given a FREE RANK on the server, If you're not already Trusted, and will also have bragging rights to have designed the banner for LegendaryMc.

The Banner Contest: You will have to explain how you created the banner Step-by-step so that we can recreate the banner for the new spawn, You will also have to include a picture of the banner for quick judging purposes. Planetminecraft has made it east to design banners if you go there and create a banner you can reply to this post with a link to your banner.

EDIT: Another banner creator courtesy of Tflame57 CLICK ME
Balazs0718 how to play
jfox20878 V+ http://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=aabobiatai
xXPuss_n_BootsXx http://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=aadLdqkEaKacavaiaGah

Building Competition

Hilliard20914 O posted Jun 20, 14
Were a bit dead on the creativity side ATM, So........ Were having a building competition for buildings to go in spawn. You can have one entry of each a 16x16 and 30x30 building and if it is good it will be in spawn with a tag stating your name on it.

The deadline for this is when 1.8 is released so obviously there is no rush....
There are many ways to submit your entry, You can send us a link to the world file or even a schematic.
You can upload the file to any file-share website ex: http://www.mediafire.com
Alternatively you can build on the current server map.

Just post a link in the comment section of this post and we will take a look at the entry's.

Tflame57 M Obviously no rush.... Quote: "This has been the longest Update Ever! It took 300 days for us to make 1.8&qu...
Hilliard20914 O Really, Nobody has submitted any buildings to be put in the new maps spawn?
Hilliard20914 O Updated!!!!

Server Update!

Hilliard20914 O posted May 18, 14
Currently we are on 1.7.2 because of the fact that bukkit has a stable build for 1.7.2 and that NOTHING has been added from 1.7.2 to 1.7.9 except for slight tweaks and twitch. That being said we want to hear from the community what YOU want in the update. We will have the overworld PVE and THE END or how we like to call it The Ender Lands will be PVE/PVP, This way if you don't want to be killed you can stay in the Overworld.

If you have any plugins that you want to request or anything for that matter just reply too this post and we will look into adding it when we update to 1.8
TheBoyIsPheonix M Idk if its too late to add a plug in, but going onto other servers a certain plug in I really like and works really well...
sora7123 Alchohol?
Death_Claw123 You could do the echopet plugin (pets) but for only donators and also some parkour